Actualize properties

Last modified by Erik Bakker on 2023/07/21 09:01

Please note that this microlearning is for the new monitoring stack only.

In a previous microlearning, we discussed managing your properties in an environment. We will focus on applying these changes to the environment in this microlearning.

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1. Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of the eMagiz platform
  • Understanding of property concept
  • At least one flow for which you can change the actual value and where that flow is active

2. Key concepts

Regardless of what your change entails you always need to execute the deployment plan to deploy and actualize the changes on your environment.

3. Actualize properties

Once you are satisfied with your configuration of properties, you create a new release. This can be done via the "New release" button or the wrench icon on the currently active release. For more information on creating a release, please check out this microlearning.

Once you have created your new release, you can use the deployment plan steps to activate the changes on both flow and property levels. More information on how to do this can be found in this microlearning.

4. Key takeaways

  • Make a good plan before you change the property so that there are no unforeseen side effects
  • In case the value is changed several times before activating a release, only one new active release must be created before the updated property value is considered.
  • If the value is changed several times, you need to start each new release before the updated property value is considered each time after activating a release.

5. Suggested Additional Readings

If you are interested in this topic and want more information on it, please read the help text provided by eMagiz when executing these actions.