Deploy a release

Last modified by Erik Bakker on 2023/07/20 13:13

Note that the functionality mentioned in this microlearning will become obsolete when migrating to the new generation runtime.

In this microlearning, we will focus on the situation where an existing property needs a change of value and how to put this value into effect in your environment.

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1. Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of the eMagiz platform
  • Understanding of Releases and how to set up a Deployment plan
  • Edit rights for your environment in Deploy
  • A change made in a flow version that is added to a release so you can try it yourself

2. Key concepts

This microlearning centers around the execution of a Deployment plan. The deployment plan is a series of steps that need to be executed on any TAP environment to make the release defined active inside the eMagiz runtimes. Active in the sense that all changes made to the release compared to the running environment before executing the deployment plan are applied effectively.


3. Execute a Deployment plan

Provided there is a deployment plan, the execution is initialized from the Releases section. The button highlighted in the figure above is the button to start the deployment plan. The page below is then displayed as an example of the page that shows the progress of the deployment steps. Pressing the green play button will start the execution of the deployment plan.


Should eMagiz not be able to execute a certain step because the runtime is not reachable a pop-up is shown to the user informing the user that an action needs to be taken.


Some key notes to consider during the execution of the plan

  • Only the changed, added, or deleted flow will be considered for deployment. No change means that the current flow remains untouched
  • The runtime that requires updates has to be started / active before anything can be deployed. See the screenshot below to see what happens if the runtime is not running at the moment of execution
  • The middle section showing the integration landscape is highlighting in what system the deployment of a flow is happening
  • The right-hand panel shows the log messages from the runtimes where the deployment(s) of flows are taking place
  • A message will be displayed that the deployment is completed
  • The deployment plan will by default cleanup old versions of flow (unless specified otherwise in the settings of the deployment plan).

4. Key takeaways

  • The execution of a deployment plan is a smooth process to avoid manual deployments of flows
  • Be aware of the specific considerations involved
  • Tune the deployment plan continuously to make it better all the time.

5. Suggested Additional Readings

If you are interested in this topic and want more information on it please read the help text provided by eMagiz when executing these actions.