Exercise - Create transformations

Last modified by Erik Bakker on 2024/02/27 08:23

With this exercise, we continue our journey into the eMagiz platform. This exercise will show you how to add transformation logic to your transformation in the Create phase (and a bit in Design).

Should you have any questions, please contact academy@emagiz.com.

1. Prerequisites

  • Completed all previous exercises of the Crash course Platform
  • Completed all previous microlearnings of the Crash course Platform

2. Exercise

In this exercise, please make the following changes to the system message of the TMS system:

  • Change dataType of the attribute called "OrderDate" to date
  • Add an attribute called "OrderReference" on the Order entity

And the following changes to the transformation from CDM to TMS:

  • Make sure that the "OrderReference" attribute is filled with the constant value of fixed-54321
  • Make sure that the "OrderID" is filled with the input value from the CDM but also make sure that when there is no input value a constant with the value except-12345 is filled in
  • Make sure that the incoming "Date" value is properly transformed from a dateTime value to a date value to prevent validation errors on the "OrderDate" attribute
  • Add the following custom Xpath for the "Country" attribute under "Order_PickupAddress/Address" and "Order_DeliveryAddress/Address"
    • if (Country = 'NL') then 'NL' else 'FR'

3. Solution

In this short movie, you will find the workout of this exercise. Take a moment to review this one and compare it to your solution.