Using a tag

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In this microlearning, we will focus on using a tag.
As discussed in the previous microlearning it is nice to configure a tag but without using it you should not even start configuring it.
In this microlearning, we will look into how you can use the tagging functionality to improve your work.

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1. Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of the eMagiz platform

2. Key concepts

This microlearning centers around using a tag.
With using we mean: Utilizing functionality to assist the user in achieving their goal
With tag we mean: A label under which you can group a set of systems and/or integrations

3. Using a tag

As specified before with using we refer to utilizing functionality to assist the user in achieving their goal.
In this case, the main goal of tagging is to create several overviews (i.e. determine the scope, determine message pattern, determine dependencies) within the overviews available in each ILM phase.

After you have added a tag and linked it to one or more systems and integrations you can use this tag to filter. In this example we will filter our Capture overview based on two different parameters:

  • Scope (which systems and integrations are in Sprint 1)
  • Message Pattern(which systems and integrations are using the Event Streaming pattern)

The starting point of this illustrative example is the Capture Overview. As you can see in the picture below you see all integrations and systems in Capture of your eMagiz project.


The moment you select the tag called Sprint 1 (which identifies our scope) you will see that the overview only shows the relevant systems and integrations.


The same happens when you select the tag called Event Stream (which identifies a pattern).


It is good to know that these tags are also available in the other ILM phases to help you get a better overview of your integration landscape.

4. Key takeaways

  • With tagging, you can make several overviews based on the standard overview created by eMagiz
  • Tags are available in all ILM phases to create an overview

5. Suggested Additional Readings

If you are interested in this topic and want more information on it please read the help text provided by eMagiz.