Exercise - Configure Capture

Last modified by Eva Torken on 2024/03/19 13:41

With this exercise, we continue our journey into the eMagiz platform. This exercise will help you understand how you can translate the provided information into the Capture phase of eMagiz.

Should you have any questions, please contact academy@emagiz.com.

1. Prerequisites

  • Completed all previous exercises of the Crash course Platform
  • Completed all previous microlearnings of the Crash course Platform
  • Access to my.emagiz.com with your own account and MFA configured
  • A model in which you can create this exercise

2. Exercise

The goal of the exercise is to fill in the Capture phase of your model based on the provided information in the business case. To fill in Capture you need to define the systems, integrations, information, and tags based on the provided information.

To correctly fill in Capture you need the following definitions as they are provided to you as part of the business case.

Note that you should save the contents of the file as an XSD and attach it to each of the lines drawn in Capture

3. Solution

In this short movie, you will find the workout of this exercise. Take a moment to review this one and compare it to your solution.