Exercise - Setup Design Architecture

Last modified by Erik Bakker on 2023/01/18 10:46

With this exercise, we continue our journey into the eMagiz platform. Now that we have defined our system messages, defined our data model, created a message mapping in between it is time to finish the design phase of your model. To do so we need to resolve the errors we still see in the Design overview, configure the Design Settings, and most importantly configure the Design Architecture in the correct manner. This exercise will do all that.

Should you have any questions, please contact academy@emagiz.com.

1. Prerequisites

  • Completed all previous exercises of the Crash course Platform
  • Completed all previous microlearnings of the Crash course Platform

2. Exercise

In this exercise we need to execute three steps in order:

  • Configure the Design Settings
  • Fix the errors shown in the Design overview
  • Define the Design Architecture of the Test lane correctly.

Although the business case would require running your eMagiz partly in the eMagiz cloud please choose the on-premises option under "Design Settings" to finish all exercises in this course.

3. Solution

In this short movie, you will find the workout of this exercise. Take a moment to review this one and compare it to your solution.