Exercise - Configure Message definition manually

Last modified by Erik Bakker on 2022/12/23 15:03

With this exercise, we continue our journey into the eMagiz platform. This exercise will explain how you can manually define your system message in case this is needed.

Should you have any questions, please contact academy@emagiz.com.

1. Prerequisites

  • Completed all previous exercises of the Crash course Platform
  • Completed all previous microlearnings of the Crash course Platform

2. Exercise

In this exercise we want you to create a system message definition manually. The definition needs to relate OrderLines to an Order and for both entities we want an ID, Description, and an Amount. Once done make sure to define the system message correctly and set the message format to XML.

3. Solution

In this short movie, you will find the workout of this exercise. Take a moment to review this one and compare it to your solution.