Interpret Statistics

Last modified by Erik Bakker on 2023/01/20 12:29

With this exercise, we continue our journey into the eMagiz platform. This exercise will let you experience how to analyze various sections of the Manage phase and will be a two-part exercise.

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1. Prerequisites

  • Completed all previous exercises of the Crash course Platform
  • Completed all previous microlearnings of the Crash course Platform

2. Exercise

Now that we have a running solution we should be able to see logging and runtime statistics in Manage. So as a first exercise please check the logging and runtime statistics of your deployed solution.

Once you have confirmed that you see logging, but no errors in the log, and runtime statistics for each runtime it becomes time to send some data through the system so we can analyze whether that went as expected and data arrives at the end system. Note, that if there are errors in the log please fix them before continuing with the next step.

For this to work you need to save the following example file locally as an XML file and place it in the input directory you have defined in your properties.

Assuming you configured everything correctly eMagiz will retrieve your file and will output two files on the basis of this. We can track the message(s) with the help of our queue statistics functionality.

Note, that when you do not see the expected behavior you should check the "Error Messages Dashboard" and the "Logging".

3. Solution

In this short movie, you will find the workout of this exercise. Take a moment to review this one and compare it to your solution.

Note that the video only shows the part that needs to be executed in the portal. On your laptop you can validate that things are running by checking for the following piece of text in your karaf.bat.

  • "Application context succesfully refreshed""