From Business to IT

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In this microlearning, we will focus on learning how to start with the eMagiz environment. What steps are required before starting the Capture phase and what do I need to do so effectively?

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1. Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of integrations in general

2. Key Concepts

This microlearning positions the eMagiz platform and how it can help to connect Business to IT. eMagiz is positioned as a low-code, enterprise, Integration platform as a Service.

3. Business to IT

Integration can be regarded as something that is privy to the Developer savvy people, but eMagiz provides a unique way to connect IT people with the Business people using a platform that allows to create integration fast, capture the integration and associated business process inside the platform, and make the complete technical infrastructure transparent for both business and IT people involved.

eMagiz is positioned as a low-code, enterprise, Integration platform as a Service.

  • Low-Code: no development skills required
  • Enterprise: services full enterprise – all integration patterns
  • Integration: connecting all types of software applications
  • Platform: all-in-one development, execution and governance
  • as a Service: cloud based with automated cloud hosting

To ensure that the business is involved in making the correct decisions when building up your integration landscape you can define the specifications of the integration in terms of business criticality, managing your information, managing your integration, business benefits, etc. Each of these aspects can then be registered in the first phase of eMagiz, the Capture phase. In this phase you can Capture the relevant business and IT requirements that you and your team will need to succesfully design, build, run and manage the integration landscape.

The eMagiz platform uses the Integration Lifecycle Manager as guidance to create integrations with.


In one of our upcoming microlearnings we will delve a little deeper into each of the five specific phases that eMagiz consists of.

4. Key takeaways

  • eMagiz allows business and IT people to work jointly to create integrations
  • eMagiz is a comprehensive platform that allows ad-hoc integrators to perform all required activities to run the platform
  • The ILM phases are key in the way of work in eMagiz.

5. Suggested Additional Readings

We recommend to read the link below to the eMagiz website and see the features of the platform in more detail.