Adding flows to Create

Last modified by Erik Bakker on 2023/01/24 15:09

The moment you are satisfied with your work in Design you can add the flow to Create for the flow to be built.

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1. Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of the eMagiz platform

2. Key concepts

This microlearning focuses on adding flows to create.

By adding flows we mean: Making a flow available in the Create phase of eMagiz so it can be built/generated.

3. Adding flows to Create

Adding flows to Create is a relatively simple action to perform. Simply navigate to Create and in the Create overview, there is a button located on the bottom left called Add integrations.


Selecting this option leads you to an overview where you can add (and remove) flows to and from Create.


In this overview, all integrations that have already been transferred to Create are indicated as a blue cube with a checkmark in the middle


All integrations that have not been transferred to Create yet (or have been removed from Create but not yet from Design) are identifiable as a white cube with a green border


When you want to add a flow to Create simply click on the cube linked to the integration you want to add and eMagiz will change it to a green cube with a + icon and will tell you what you want to add.


If you are satisfied with the choices you have made you can press Save selection and eMagiz will add the flows to Create.
To verify that your integration has been added you can navigate to the Create overview belonging to your integration pattern to verify the result


4. Key takeaways

  • Adding (and removing) flows can be done via a visual overview showing you the current status
  • eMagiz will tell you what you want to add (or remove) so you can check before you action
  • Removing means removing (so no turning back)

5. Suggested Additional Readings

If you are interested in this topic and want more information on it please read the help text provided by eMagiz.